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O R G A S M I C O N S.

A B O U T.
Orgasmicons is the icon journal of jmfossil. The name is a portmanteau of the words "orgasmic", an adjective that describes something so pleasurable to the point that it rivals sexual climax, and "icons", those pretty 100 by 100 graphics next to your LiveJournal username.

Ergo, orgasmic + icons = orgasmicons (pronounced or-GAZ-mik-ohns).

Orgasmicons is part of the JFNY Group, founded by Jonathan Fossil.

R U L E S.
*Please comment on the icon posts if you are taking any icons. It helps me find out what's appealing to my audience. Plus it's my crack. Hey, at least it's better than coke.

*And just like every other iconmaker, you need to give credit. In this case, credit jmfossil or orgasmicons. Don't know how?

*No altering and adjusting. I like textless icons. Just because you don't, doesn't mean you can add anything to the icons. Unless I post a note saying that alterations are allowed, it isn't. And the icons aren't bases unless I say so.

*The Golden Rule: No hotlinking. It takes up bandwidth and kills Harry Potter characters. Gosh. I mean, Cedric's dead already. Enough of it.

L I N K.
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